Ripple Effect

IMG_0047What is the Ripple Effect?  Well…it’s the idea that one small action can and will lead to greater actions or influences.  Action and Influence…are there two better words to convey the heartbeat of Young Life and it’s Expeditions program?  Probably not.  It’s our foremost desire to encourage and enable the influence of Young Life leaders and their work with kids around the world through the actions of individuals and groups that choose to serve within our program.  Simply put, we want to leverage the RESOURCES that our participants naturally bring to the table with the RELATIONSHIPS formed with Young Life staff and volunteer leaders during short-term service to radically inspire RESTORATION in the lives of kids, their families and their communities.  

Why we need you?  Every “ripple” needs some sort of catalyst to start the “effect”…a pebble needs to hit the water at some point…and this is where YOU come in.  We want you to be our pebble.  We NEED you to be our pebble…and we think we’ve stumbled upon a fun and easy way for you to do just that!  People from all over the United States serve our international community through YLX each year.  To try host an event in one location would be really difficult!  The Ripple Effect Virtual 5K is fun and easy event for you to support our work with kids, families and communities around the globe…no matter where you live!  

This virtual 5K road race is, in many ways, much like any other race you might have taken part in but different in the sense that when and where you run is completely UP TO YOU!  You run the route of your choice at anytime you choose as long as your “race day” falls during the two week time period we’ve set up… November 23rd-December 7th.  Will there be t-shirts?  Absolutely!  Will there be prizes?  You betcha!  Will there be a great sense of accomplishment?  We don’t see why not!  Will I start the holiday season out with a healthy kickstart?  Most assuredly!  If I do this will I really be helping kids around the world?  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

“Hey, what am I supporting when I take part in this event?”  Great question!  Simply put you are supporting the work of Young Life and its Expeditions program as they work to encourage and empower ministry around the world.  You are going to be the pebble that starts a ripple of hope and love in the life of kid.  Click the tab up top to learn about Young Life and Young Life Expeditions.

Who You  Running For?  Take a look…

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Think Global…Run Local

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